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Berlin Startup Poker – June Edition

Buy-in = €20

Buy-in opens at 7:15pm

Please aim to arrive on time and help us set up the game or enjoy a drink in the bar.

Game starts at 7:30pm.

Buy-in after 7:30pm  = €25

No buy-ins after 8:00pm.

All re-buys = €20.

Maximum 2 re-buys.  No re-buys after 9pm

New: Game ends at Midnight.

This is a non-profit event. All buy-in money less a nominal charge to cover our expenses is added to the prize pool. We usually pay 1-2-3-4

Startup networking and more – build your MVP

I am looking for a permanent co-organizer (event manager/ startup enthusiast) to help me host 1-2 events per month. If interested please send an email to

Startup networking and more …

Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great way of testing your startup idea without a spending a lot of money.

Although your MVP will not have all the bells and whistles of a complete product, its a great way to collect early feedback and find out if there is any demand for your product. 


7pm – 745pm: Welcome drinks and networking

745pm – 830pm: Q&A – YOU IS NOW Accelerator 

830pm – 915pm: Startup pitches and feedback. 

SafeNode. SafeNode is a way to help others around you an emergency situation when before the emergency services arrive.

TeachSurfing. Share knowledge while traveling the world.

Luppl. Luppl, is developing a web community to help tourist and travelers enjoy more and better their trip with user generated videos.

Recordfy. Recordfy is an app to help Crate Diggers to get more information about the music they found and maybe more.

YoungHire connects interns and startups.

915pm – close: More networking

Refreshments provided courtesy of our venue partner YOU IS NOW.

Startup Berlin is a community supported project. We ask for a minimum donation of 3 euro if you attend this event. This will help us help the next generation of startups. 

Thank you for your support!


…. Join us at the Future Real Estate Hackathon for two and a half days of brainstorming, hacking and Networking.

Whether you are a backend person, designer, entrepreneur, student or just interested in tech you’re invited to attend the Event

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