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Meet the Lions! (Reverse pitch event)

We have turned the tables on the investors and invited them to pitch to the startups.

To help get the ball rolling we have asked them to address the following questions:

What is your USP? 

Which startups have you invested in? What are your success stories?

Do you have any special criteria for investment? (Perhaps you invest only in certain sectors for example).

What are you looking for from the startups (in terms of stage of development, founding team, customer validation etc.)

Can you tell us something more about your process for investing in startups?

You can also email your investor questions to


Each investor will get 10 mins to pitch followed by cross examination from a panel of established startups and questions from the audience.

Afterwards there will be networking and an opportunity to meet the investors.

Ask not what you can do for your investor, ask what your investor can can do for you!

Early bird tickets €6 inc first drink via Paypal.

Startup Safary Berlin

Startup Safary Berlin is a 2-day event where companies open their doors to invite people for various events, i.e. workshops, meetups, BBQs, office tours, recruitment sessions and much more. The single events are included in the overall program and attendees can pick the ones they are most interested in to create their own route that they follow on the day of the event.

RSVP then register here!

Berlin Startup Social

The first Berlin Startup Social at Betahaus!

An informal gathering …

Join us and other startup enthusiasts from around Berlin for an evening of startup mingling, networking experiments, fun and games. 

Come and tell us something about todays Startup Safary adventure or challenge us to a game of giant jenga! 

In addition to our regular open mic session and colour coded name badges, we will be testing out some new networking apps  at this event. 

More details to follow …

Standard tickets €5 (includes first drink).