Berlin Startup Poker May Edition.

Berlin startup poker.

Buy-in €20* = 10,000 chips. Maximum 2 re-buys. 

*Not on the attendance list / guests / no show last time €22

Schedule: (Times are approximate)

Buy-in opens at 19:15pm 

Game starts at  19:30pm.

Late buy-in  after 19:30pm  = €25

No buy-ins after 20:30pm (or when we have 40 players which ever comes first)

Pizza break 21:00pm  No more re-buys.

New! 0ptional Add-on €10 for 10,000 chips 

Play resumes 21:30pm

Short Break: 23:00pm

Final Table: 23:15pm

Maximum 2 re-buys 

This is a non-profit event. All buy-in money less a small charge to cover our expenses is added to the prize pool. We usually pay 1-2-3-4